Open Interviews: June 11th from 9AM-2PM


Good afternoon folks.  As many of you have heard, Arkay Crossings had an exposure to the COVID-19 Virus.  Arkay Inc. has and is taking this very seriously and have taken many actions to prevent this from happening again.  Arkay Crosssings has been closed for about two weeks now.  Arkay has hired a professional sanitization company to come in and clean our facility on Wednesday, April 28th.  We have also put in to place a new COVID-19 Response Plan.  This plan includes new procedures for both staff and consumers.  Return to program starts Thursday, April 29th.  In order to return, both program staff and consumers need to have a negative COVID-19 Test.  The Rapid COVID-19 Test will not be accepted as it is inaccurate.  If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact your case manager or the Arkay Service Center at (734) 284-2929.  Do not forget; we are here for you.