Congratulations to Nicole for working at Buffalo Wild Wings for 14 years! Nicole does morning prep and general cleaning. She says her favorite part about her job is working with her friends there. Good job Nicole!


DeShawn has worked at Henry Ford Village in Dearborn since January 31, 2017, almost 3 years!  DeShawn washes dishes and keeps the kitchen clean. He is well liked by his coworkers and supervisors. DeShawn is a hard worker and he really enjoys his job! DeShawn’s supervisor, Chef R.J., has said that DeShawn is always on time and is one of his most reliable workers.


Corey specializes in making masculine themed or gender-neutral type gift mugs, but he can personalize a gift for any occasion. $5 buys a unique mug filled with bath items, pens, or snacks-wrapped and ready for giving. Safe, parking lot pick-up at Arkay Inc. in Southgate. M-F 9am-5pm. "Corey's Manly Mugs" is a micro business created and run by a client of Arkay Inc. All profits go directly to the creator!


Kari has been working at Goodwill in Woodhaven for 5 years!! Kari works on the sales floor pulling clothing or items with a certain color tag as instructed by her manager. Kari has also worked in the back tagging books that were donated. Kari is well liked by her coworkers and managers.


Anyone who knows Erin knows that she loves cats. Erin started making crafts and selling them with her mom to help raise money for kittens that she was fostering. She has had success at several craft shows throughout the years. She uses her profits to help with food, toys, and vet bills. Erin makes feather cat toys, ornaments, and a variety of plastic canvas items. Each "micro business” is created and run by a client of Arkay, inc. Micro business items make excellent Christmas gifts. Help our participants by "shopping small". All profits go directly to the creator of the item.