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  • Kevin Mcguckin

November 2022 Newsletter

Happy Thanksgiving to all. The more you practice the art of thankfulness, the more you have to be thankful for. Count your blessings daily. Being thankful opens our eyes to a multitude of blessings that continually surround us. Give cheerfully and accept gratefully, and everyone is blessed.


There have been rumors of a compromise bill being discussed that would combine SBs 597 & 598 along with HBs 4925 – 4928 in an attempt to get “something” done before the end of the year. The compromise bill appears to move all of the Medicaid kids’ services including autism and foster care over to private insurance companies and then the state would create 1 statewide entity to manage the other populations. Also it appears the discussions have been behind closed doors so we do not have much information.

With the November 8 General Election and the lame duck legislative session fast approaching, there will only be 11 more scheduled session days left in the calendar year. It is thought that any compromise would still privatize Medicaid mental health services by giving for profit insurance companies financial control and oversight or decision making.

Charity Roaster

Further, Arkay continues to partner with Charity Roaster. Arkay is able to provide you and your loved ones with delicious bags of Arkay Coffee. All Proceeds go toward furthering Arkay's mission to service the developmentally disabled and to support our consumers. Each bag is 12oz. of ground or whole bean coffee and all blends cost $15. It comes in 8 varieties. Please visit

Lastly, Arkay has a new 3-year strategic plan. Please feel free to view the document on our website. A great thing in the plan is our new coffee shop in Trenton which will be opening soon. We are very excited to see our consumers interact & work in this new shop. We can’t wait until opening day. Please come & enjoy!

Please Donate to our Mission

Please consider setting aside part of your budget to support the work of Arkay with a tax-deductible charitable donation. Supporters can donate online or by mail. Visit to make a gift using a credit card or send a check to Arkay.

Very Sincerely,

Kevin McGuckin

Arkay CEO

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