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​​​​You can support Arkay this tax season if you are a new H&R Block customer! You just need to bring our flyer when you get your taxes done. You can either pick one up from our administraition office or download and print from the link below. Arkay Incorporated thanks you for your support!

Who We Are:

Arkay is a well established, community based non-profit [501(c) (3)] organization, assisting the community in becoming more aware of the needs and potential of individuals with Developmental Disabilities and Cognitive Impairment. The organization provides vocational and community based services in Wayne and Oakland County to the Developmentally Disabled and Cognitively Impaired community since 1983. The agency, under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, received initial funding from Community Living Services (CLS) to provide vocational services, in a community setting, to over 80 adults experiencing complex mental, physical, and behavioral disabilities. Arkay provides individualized services ranging from vocational evaluations and basic skill development activities to real   work opportunities with community employers. It offers services that support the Developmentally Disabled, and indirectly, their caregivers.

Over the years, the agency has dramatically increased the number of people it serves. Currently, we are serving over 400 individuals. Arkay receives its funding through CLS, Consumer Link Network (CLN), Integrated Care Alliance, MORC. And Monroe Community Mental Health Authority. Arkay, also, contracts with Wyandotte & Southgate Special Education Services for students who fit into the inclusive      supports afforded by the school system.

Arkay will face a number of new opportunities and challenges over the next few years. Dramatic changes within the Michigan Department Health & Human Services and local mental health programs will continue to have an impact on our agency’s service and fiscal operations. Managed care initiatives at both the federal and state levels will demand even greater changes in the way services are funded and evaluated. Arkay has a strategic future and will continually prepare to face new service demands, fiscal challenges, changing technologies, and new consumer populations. We have a future plan in process. Please come by our offices if you would like to discuss it.   

Our Mission:

To assist the Developmentally Disabled and the Elderly Disabled  to achieve community inclusion that enhances potential, employment opportunities, and / or volunteerism. 


 We appreciate all donations! If you like what we are doing and want to add your support Please                Click Here for the offline donation form, Or stop by 15221 eureka road and meet us in person!

Or CLICK HERE to donate with paypal!​​

All donations to Arkay Inc. are tax deductible.  

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