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Pedestrians from an Ariel View
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A Little Bit About Arkay...
Arkay is a well-established, community based non-profit [501(c) (3)] organization, assisting the community in becoming more aware of the needs and potential of individuals with Disabilities and Cognitive Impairment. The organization provides vocational and community based services in Wayne. Monroe, Macomb and Oakland County to the Developmentally Disabled and Cognitively Impaired community since 1983. The agency, under the direction of a volunteer Board of Directors, received initial funding from Community Living Services (CLS) to provide vocational services, in a community setting, to many adults experiencing complex mental, physical, and behavioral disabilities.

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
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Mission Statement 

Our mission is to assist the Developmentally Disabled and the Elderly Disabled to achieve community inclusion that enhances personal potential, employment opportunities, and/or volunteerism.

Vision Statement 

To be recognized as a premier provider of services that utilize "best practices" in exercising its commitment to providing a range of programs for individuals with disabilities which enable those served to maximum their individual quality of life potential as contributing of the community.

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